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I think about this joke a lot.

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a drink just for me


a drink just for me

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When your side chick tries to take a picture with you


When your side chick tries to take a picture with you


So text me in the morning, tell me you still love me

I don’t believe a single word

You tell me you’re tipsy, I tell you you’re pretty

We could spend the night if you’re still sure 

So text me in the morning

Tears on my phone feeling so alone

I’ll never let you go, you got the best of me

When all the other boys just want your sex i just want your text in the morning

Cupid’s Chokehold | Gym Class Heroes

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Nigga remixed the titanic song lmaooo

Where can I find a full version though??


boy straight up said he was god


Happy Easter.

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Allyson. San Francisco. Disney Cast Member. Part time fangirl, Full time asshole. I look like shit in the morning.

I spend about 80% of my free time watching people sing on YouTube.