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So on Saturday I got to go to a special screening of Brave at Pixar it was amazing. I can’t wait to see it again on Friday. One of the coolest things they set up at Pixar were the stone thingys from the movie, I was waiting for one of those blue wisp things to pop up. When I went to Pixar last year to see Cars 2, they had all their security dressed as race car drivers decked out in Cars stuff. So this year they had their security team dressed in kilts and whatnot. Isn’t he cute? lol. I bought a Hamish plush from my work to watch the movie with me, he came in handy too because I was crying my ass off at the end. I bought this cute Brave shirt from the Pixar Studio Store that I’m going to wear when I go to the midnight showing with my other cast members. My aunt also gave me a huge Brave poster. UGH I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN SO BAD!

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