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Yesterday, at work I found this weird Ariel wood carving thing set up against one of the Ariel Animator dolls. I asked all the guests around and they said it didn’t belong to any of them. I went up to the second floor to grab some vinyls to buy and my fellow cast member  hands me 4 more wood carving things with Mickey, Snow White’s poison apple and Kermitt on them. They were all put in places with their respective characters on them. Me and my 2 coworkers were confused to say the least. Then out of the corner of my eye I spy one of our San Francisco picture frames with a picture in it. We all kind of stood there trying to figure out what the hell we just found. 

I’m not sure if these art pieces were apart of some scavenger hunt or something,  but we really liked the artwork, so much so that I took the Ariel one home. 

Mystery Artist Woodcarver Person! Reveal Yourself!!

I and the rest of my cast thought they were really cool and we’d really like to know who you are and applaud your creativity. 

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  5. foresighted said: The artist who made the “OMG, I’m just A POP ICON!” is by a German graffiti artist, but it could’ve been someone else who recreated it and made it on these wooden panels.
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    so cool! i really miss the store sometimes…. hah, remember when i HATED it?!
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Allyson. 23. Lead singer of Boyz II Men. Cast Member . Curly headed fuck. I look like shit in the morning.